Michael’s Record Collection

Episode 39: Leslie Hunt - Ascend and Descend

November 18, 2021

Chicago-area singer/songwriter Leslie Hunt isn't a household name, but she should be. The lead singer of progressive rockers District 97 and a top 10 finisher on the women's side in Season 6 of American Idol, Hunt is a talented musician and writer with a fantastic voice. She's released two seven-song EPs this year, Ascend and Descend. They're companion releases but each have their own sound. Both are filled with short, catchy songs that reward repeat listens. Leslie was kind enough to spend some time with me, telling me about her background, how she hooked up with District 97, and we took a deep dive into Ascend and Descend.

You can find out more about Leslie Hunt and buy all of her music at LeslieHuntMusic.com

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